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It’s time we got brutally honest to save our industry & our firms. Ready to read how? 
It’s time we got brutally honest to save our industry & our firms. Ready to read how? 
Most of our industry dwells in a constant cycle of feast or Famine. 
Big projects with big budgets allow us to bask in our creativity and get a taste of success. 
But, delivering those projects often comes with long hours, procurement-related headaches, and robs us of the time we need to prime our pipeline for the next client. 

Resulting in gaps between projects that plunge us into the famine phase of the cycle, feeling desperate for that next big project.

Burnout, rampant undercharging, and the feast/famine cycle are epidemics in interior design—IT NEEDS TO STOP.

We are smart, talented, capable people and accepting anything less than the success and wealth that we deserve is no longer tolerable.
So what are you waiting for? Get my free Manifesto so you can discover a new way to thrive in the design industry. 

Hi, I’m Tobi Fairley!

 I’ve worked as a high-end designer for the past 23 years and a coach for creatives for 14. During that time, I’ve been honored with features in top-shelf publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, The Huffington Post, Southern Living, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home.

Despite “having made it,” I had to recover from my own burnout a few years ago.

After watching so many of my peers struggle to earn what they are worth, while suffering because they did “everything right” but still can’t seem to get ahead—my mission in this Manifesto is to reveal how our industry has failed us...
“You may have single-handedly saved the small American design firm. I get up excited in the morning again. I’ve had two tough tough years and all this content you’ve created is moving me forward." 
It’s time to take back control…
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