Are you ready to map out your path to PROFITABILITY and a six-figure salary?
Would you like Tobi's brain on your business for two days?

If you answered “yes, please”
to these questions...

...I have just  the experience for YOU!


If you answered
“yes, please”
to these questions...

...I have just  the experience for YOU!

Think Tank is a two-day virtual mastermind with Tobi, Team Tobi's COO and 5 badass CEOs—and you’re invited to be part of it!

This is our first virtual Think Tank event! Previously Think Tank was held in person, for $10,000 plus travel, and they were AMAZING. With this virtual event you can be all in for $5,000 with the same great results!!

This mastermind is where we’ll drum up revolutionary ideas and then poke holes in them until we’ve helped you find EXACTLY what you’re after.

It’s about collaborating with badass entrepreneurs.

It’s about mapping out your dreams.
Nothing is off limits. We’ll meet you exactly where you are to brainstorm solutions around your most complex problems and help you leave inspired and excited to take focused action.

But instead of us  telling you how much progress you’ll make, we’d rather show you a sneak peek at results our past Think Tank attendees accomplished in only  two days:

Kim’s business makeover: We helped Kim build out her new custom cabinetry brand, then create a clear marketing strategy so she can grow her full service design business while also attracting new cabinetry clients. But Kim’s biggest win, in her words, was figuring out how to “pay myself like a CEO!”

Kricia’s business makeover: Kricia came to Think Tank wanting to grow her course’s community and increase sales for her 1-1 design consults. At the end of two days, Kricia left with a completely revamped design consult package for doctors (with a sassy new name), updated pricing for her two core offers (with higher profit margins), and a complete marketing strategy from now through 2023! (And Kricia got so much out of her first Think Tank that she attended a second one!)

Amber’s business makeover: Amber rolled into Think Tank with clear goals to attract better clients, eliminate wasted time redoing her team member’s work, and finally earn a six-figure salary. During Think Tank she cut down hours from her weekly workload, dialed in on her ideal client, and leveraged her social media following to stop undercharging and create more consistent cash flow.

Which of  their success stories sounds like your dream business makeover? 

In this two-day virtual event, on August 28 & 29, 2023, you’ll be working closely with:

Tobi Fairley - CEO, Visionary, and Thought Leader

April Force Pardoe - COO, Integrator, and Runner of the Whole. Damn. Show.

…plus, four other like-minded Creative Entrepreneurs looking for connections, inspiration, and fresh eyes and brains on their biz to help bring it to new levels in the year ahead.

We developed these intimate sessions as a way to give you all the benefits of having your own C-Suite, at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire us yourself.

We’ll combine our collective left and right business brains and expert eyes to help you workshop your biggest, baddest challenges and bring hot and fresh ideas to the table. As a group, we’ll examine them from every possible and impossible angle, and ask Tobi's favorite question in all the land: What if…?

“Think Tank with Team Tobi was so amazing and I do think the number of people involved was perfect. It definitely felt intimate and I thought we had a great amount of time to dedicate to each business. It was even helpful to be involved and listen to others’ problems they were working through because I feel there is always a nugget or two of information that can relate to yourself.” - Kim Mohr

What ideas do you want Tobi and April’s help white-boxing?

Because we’re here to help you create your own path to profitability — whether that means launching a new revenue stream, ramping up sales, rebranding, or building out your support team. All of your goals are on the table for Think Tank.

  • Need a killer, high-converting content plan? On it.
  • Want us to map out your whole marketing strategy? No problem.
  • Wondering who to hire to build your dream org chart? We’ve got you.
  • Have an idea for a new offer that you want to flesh out? Let’s go!
  • Ready to get clear on your brand and what makes you unique? Come on. 
  • Want to flesh out your first (or next) million-dollar revenue stream and create action steps to bring it to life? We’re all in.
We can tackle these or any other BIG challenge that’s facing you. The bigger the better...Bring it to Think Tank and we’ll figure it out!

Our past 3 Think Tank events were such a huge success for the CEOs who masterminded with us, we’re hosting another event (virtual this time!) so you can get crystal clear on your business’ path to profitability!

Here’s what past Think Tank attendees had  to say about  their experience:


Think Tank is designed to replicate the very best part of what I get to do in my business — to get in the sandbox with my badass team for a down-and-dirty virtual whiteboarding session. 

There’s lots of ideas, a few choice words (*earmuffs*), and sometimes a respectful disagreement or two — but we all leave marveling at each others’ brilliance as co-creators of a masterpiece that we can’t WAIT to share with the world.

Plus, you’ll form deep connections with the other change-making creatives in this mastermind event… and who knows? You might even meet your future business bestie there! 

So, if your business has been feeling a little vanilla, this is your opportunity to bring all your ideas to the table and let us help you flesh things out. 

So let’s make your makeover official!

Now, here’s what you need to know to make your best biz decision this year:

I’ve hosted virtual, 4-hour sessions like this for $7,500.

Were they epic? Well, of course.

And in just four hours, with just my brain at your disposal, and just a computer screen between us — we got results like these:

“Having experienced a few strategy sessions with Tobi over the years, I knew that I benefited from the one-on-one intense focus of the 5-hour sessions… uninterrupted time focusing solely on my business [...] Tobi has helped me look at my direction through a different set of eyes… actually ‘flipping it on its head’ while providing specific ideas on how to connect to my brand, redefine my employee structure, and increase my profits. It really has changed the way I view my business. So my decision not to take the time away from my company by attending several major conferences last year, but individually consulting with Tobi on all aspects was the right decision. I have a roadmap to follow, but the bonus is the affirmation that what I’m doing is working!” - Traci

In Think Tank, you’re getting more brain power on your biggest business challenges! 

But the price for this mind-blowing, two-day, sesh with my team and me IS NOT $15,000. I mean, not even close.

You can come make history with us for just $5,000. 

So if you’re a hell yes, you won’t want to wait another minute. 

Because we’ve only got 5 spots available, and they will fill up fast. 

That's it.

No application — because we’re meeting you where you are now.
No call — because we know if you’re still reading, you’re our people.
And no BS — because… well, Team Tobi just doesn’t do BS.

You’ll leave Think Tank inspired by the business you’re building — not just the designs you’re creating — so you’re ready to land your dream clients.


from past Think Tankers:

"After Think Tank I feel Inspired to keep moving forward."

“After Think Tank I feel Inspired to keep moving forward. I don't have the overwhelm of all these things I "have" to do. I have a small, concentrated list of action items I get to do to help improve my business. And those action items are specific to my company, not general concepts that I have to figure out how to apply to my business model.”
- Liz Toombs 

"I feel great about what I'm paying myself and my business model."

“I feel great about what I'm paying myself and my business model (e-design hybrid). After Think Tank, I'm now in the process of raising my rates for future work and working to get deposits from my new waitlist! This was a super engaged group that focused on individual pain points and gave us all grace, patience and a judgement-free space to be vulnerable.”
- Amber Guyton 

“I think Tobi is a marketing genius and I got a lot out of listening to her feedback not only to me but to other members.”

-Sara Noble 

"Honestly, I couldn't believe how focused everyone was given how much y'all were hearing and how long we were working."

“The team was truly spectacular at staying focused on what people were saying and responding with relevant comments and feedback. Honestly, I couldn't believe how focused everyone was given how much y'all were hearing and how long we were working.”
-Lee Waters 

"This was a great opportunity that I think so many business owners could benefit from."

“I just want to say that I am so happy that I made the investment in Think Tank. It was a very enlightening experience and inspired me to take action on so many things upon my return. The team was incredible and extremely helpful in so many ways and the group was entirely vulnerable. This was a great opportunity that I think so many business owners could benefit from.”
-Kim Mohr

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Meet your Think Tank coaches:

Tobi Fairley

Designer, Master Life and Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur

Combining Degrees in Interior Design, Accounting and an MBA, Tobi Fairley is a serial creative entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure revenue streams in the creative industry. Her latest, DesignYou, brings scalability to the mix, offering the sustainable, recurring cash flow most creative businesses only dream of. 

Tobi teaches Creative CEOs how to get out of their own way and implement the 3 critical skills that will transform their business and their life—mastering time management, managing their mindsets and transforming their business models for time and financial freedom.

April Force Pardoe

COO, Team Tobi, Certified Equity-Centered Leader & Coach

April manages the operations of Team Tobi. She makes sure all the things on the daily to-do lists are helping us make progress toward our company vision. Before joining the team, she ran her own interior design business.

We can’t wait to work with you and help you workshop your biggest, baddest challenges and bring hot and fresh ideas to the table. 

Grab a spot in our Virtual Think Tank 

We can’t wait to work with you to be seen, build your legacy, and write your own rules as you step into the role you’re meant for.

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